We have 7 rooms for 15 people. All our rooms have names that symbolise the people who lived here in the 19th century.


  • Vana Sepa tuba/Old Blacksmith’s room
  • Emanda tuba/Lady’s room
  • Tüdrukute tuba/Girls’ room
  • Poiste tuba/Boys’ room
  • Sepaselli tuba (Päälelööja)/Blacksmith’s helper’s room
  • Sepapoiste tuba (Lõõtsatõmmaja)/Apprentices´ room

Room prices:

  • Three rooms with two beds  65 €
  • Two rooms with one large bed 65 €
  • One room with three beds 70 €
  • One ”Sepa pere tuba” (suits three persons) with one large bed. Also includes full bathroom with bathtub + one small additional room with one bed 80 €

Toilets and shower facilities are shared. 

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