We have 6 rooms for 12 people and it is possible to place extra beds in the rooms. All our rooms have names that symbolise the people who lived here in the 19th century.


  • Vana Sepa tuba/Old Blacksmith´s room
  • Emanda tuba/Lady´s room
  • Tüdrukute tuba/Girls´ room
  • Poiste tuba/Boys´ room
  • Sepaselli tuba (Päälelööja)/Blacksmith´s srikers room
  • Sepapoiste tuba (Lõõtsatõmmaja)/Apprentices´ room

Room prices:

  • Single room with breakfast 35 €
  • Double room with breakfast 55 €
  • Price per child 12 €
  • Extra bed 20 €

Method of payment: Card paymend, Cash.

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