Blacksmith’s Tavern menu



Fresh salad  3,00

Warm chicken salad   5,00

Tunafish salad   4,00


Light meals

Fried bread with garlic sauce  2,50

Fried onion rings with garlic sauce   4,80

Pickles with honey   2,50

Chicken wings with sauce    5,00

Blacksmith’s beerplate    20,00


Soups and broth

Seljanka soup    3,80


Hot appetizers

Boiled raviolis with dill sauce   4,00

Fried raviolis with dill sauce   4,00

French fries with wieners and ketchup   3,80

French fries with sauce   2,80

French fries with fresh salad   3,00



Fried cheese    7,00

Schnitzel    8,00

Place fish in Peipsi way   10,00

Chicken fillet in cheese breading    9,00


Salty pancakes

Pancake with ham and cheese    4,00


Sweet pancakes

Pancake with jam    3,00

Pancake with honey    3,00

Pancake with jam and ice-cream   3,00



House cake    3,00

Ice-cream with chocolate sauce    2,80

Ice-cream with caramel sauce    2,80


Group Menu 1


  • Sandwich with cucumber, herring and Peipsi onion
  • Cottage cheese – herring salad
  • Borsch
  • Onion pie
  • Creamy fish soup

Main course

  • Mulk mash with creamy ham souce
  • Peipsi Pikeperch with vegetables
  • Perchboys with boiled potatoes and cottage cheese
  • Pork schnitzel
  • Chicken legs


  • Curd foam
  • Baked apples with nuts and honey
  • Yoghurt cake
  • Layered curd cream with breadcrumbs
  • Bread soup with milk / Semolina cream

Menu includes fresh bread buns with herb butter, ice water, coffe/tea.

The minimum subscription since 10 persons.

INFO:   +372 520 0532 or

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